Sexual health 3

Know your enemy: Taking care of your… sexual health #3

All STDs are basically the same in one regard, they’re a total nuisance to get. But for most of them, it’s not the end of the world. Hell, even the ones that you can’t cure can now be managed through the use of medication.  The symptoms for most of these are basically something unexpected happening in your downstairs area. So we won’t provide descriptions of symptoms unless the symptoms differ.

The secret life of smells

The Secret Life of Smells

We all smell. Whether it’s the work of our hyper-sexed hormones or we get a little too hot trying to open a jar of pickles. Sooner or later a smell will leave the body and invade the nostrils of the guy next to us. Some people smell like they’ve run a marathon without even having left the couch… But where do smells come from, what do they mean? What can

How to shave your chest

How to shave your chest… mind the nips

Pecs. Man-boobs. Mountains of plenty. Whether you’re as wide as a doorway or you’ve inherited the skinny as a lamp-post frame. Chest hair has no favourites. It turns up everywhere. From the XS nipple hairs to the XXXL shaggy rug. And it comes with a personality all of its own. So if yours has been a little too loud recently or it’s taking attention away from your eagle tattoo. Shaving could