Long haired man applies deodorant to his hairy armpit

The Secret Life of Smells

We all smell. Whether it’s the work of our hyper-sexed hormones or we get a little too hot trying to open a jar of pickles. Sooner or later a smell will leave the body and invade the nostrils of the guy next to us. Some people smell like they’ve run a marathon without even having left the couch… But where do smells come from, what do they mean? What can

How to shave your chest – from bear chest to bare chest – Boldking

How to shave your chest… mind the nips

Pecs. Man-boobs. Mountains of plenty. Whether you’re as wide as a doorway or you’ve inherited the skinny as a lamp-post frame. Chest hair has no favourites. It turns up everywhere. From the XS nipple hairs to the XXXL shaggy rug. And it comes with a personality all of its own. So if yours has been a little too loud recently or it’s taking attention away from your eagle tattoo. Shaving could