Dad smarts

Dad smarts.

Good wisdom is timeless. That type of savvy horse sense that’s passed down in the repeated words of your papa’s papa’s papa. Near perfect diamonds of insight chanted and polished through the ages. But they come with a caveat…If you’ve been entrusted with them you gotta keep them alive. Like the eternal winding of grandad’s pocket watch. But before we see what these everyday plaid-shirted men of the world have to

NYD Giveaway T&C's

Not your dad’s giveaway – terms & conditions

If you participate in our Boldking promotions and giveaways, you fully accept these general terms and conditions and you acknowledge that you fulfill all eligibility requirements. Eligibility If you are under the age of 18 you will have to obtain the approval of your parents or legal guardians to enter the giveaway. Boldking may ask you, at any stage, to provide us with proof of age and/or identity and/or proof

Not your dad's

Not your dad’s.

Our why. We have a new campaign. It’s called Not your dad’s. And it’s about newness. But that’s not to say it’s a middle finger to an older generation. Hell no! They did their best with what they had. And they got us so far already! They invented mobiles and the internet FFS. But as always the beat goes on and what was good back then just doesn’t cut it

Testosterone. It drives me nuts.

It drives me nuts.

While our female colleagues, in the great employer of life, have estrogen sloshing around inside their carnal husks, we –the males of the species– have been blessed with testosterone. You know the thing people inject to get “swole” and the chemical is scientifically proven to be responsible for the phrase “Hold my beer, I wanna try something.” It’s the thing that turns a boy into a man (physically speaking) and

Why 7-9hrs sleep is so important, and what to do when you don’t get it

Getting 40 winks won’t give you lines around your eyes, it will literally do the opposite.  Sleep is sometimes like a great relationship, and sometimes like a terrible one. It’s easy to romanticise, feels amazing when you’re in it, and improves almost every aspect of your life. But that’s only if you remember to pay it enough attention. Ignore it, put it off, or focus on other things and it

What She Said...about body grooming

What she said… about body grooming

Body grooming, or what’s sometimes unflatteringly called manscaping. If you ask the Merriam-Webster Dictionary they’ll tell you it’s: “the trimming or shaving of a man’s body hair so as to enhance his appearance.”. Essentially it’s the art of treating your hirsute hills with the same care that a golf course groundskeeper does his greens.  But with more than half of Dutch men shaving more than just their face. And more

Boldking x The Bastard

Boldking x The Bastard Giveaway

The Burger-flipping season is here. Can you smell it? Paper plates, ketchup and your dad in an apron preparing the ribs. To celebrate the sizzle we teamed up with the guys from @thebastardnl. To give one of you lucky shavers a The Bastard Urban Compact worth €749. How can I enter the giveaway? To enter, you just need to purchase a Boldking Giftbox. Before Father’s Day (June 20). Then when

Lockdown Locks

Lockdown locks – and what giving them up will mean

Lockdown forced us all to change our daily habits. And for many, that included grooming. During the lockdown, it appears that at least 50% of men stopped shaving, and grew lockdown beards or let their hair grow long.  Whether out of utter shaving inertia, or something different to do, the grooming rituals changed. We saw everything from fuzzy chins to full Father Christmas beards appear all over social media and

Sustainable Bathroom

How to make your bathroom routine more sustainable

Your grooming regime may take care of you, but are you making your Mama proud by being as kind as possible to the planet? We uncover 5 ways to make your grooming regimen more sustainable, protecting both the environment, and your skin.  Globally, an estimated 12 tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year – that’s a lot of fed-up fish and disgruntled dolphins. Plastic waste is one of the

You’re doing my head in, seriously!

For all that we have moved on, there is still a stigma around talking about mental health. And men, in particular, seem to struggle with opening up and having a conversation. Why is that? What makes men more guarded when it comes to mental health? Talk to me like a human. According to Mental Health America, one of the problems is that awareness strategies aren’t targeted towards men. They tend