Sex #4. So you’ve got an STI, now what?

Ah, the past… It was a simpler time, but honestly a worse time. Gone are the days when the flu could decimate a community. Or the mere hint of food poisoning would signal death and topple you from your steed. We live in a world where what would have spelled the end for our forebears are now a minor inconvenience. And when it comes to STIs, for most of the

Shaving for Work Zowie

Shaving for work… when you’re shaman Zowie Jannink

Shaving for work when you’re… shaman Zowie Jannink. What is it about bald chins that people find so compelling? Is the shape? The colour? The texture? Or something else? And while we’re not going to try to answer that in this article  –we’ll probably swing back around to it in the future– there’s something about a bald chin that says something to the world.  Doctors, soldiers, firemen, priests, for much

How to minimize your risk – Taking care of your… sexual health #2

There’s a reason this article isn’t called: “How to never get an STI” because the solution is never enjoying the carnal arts. And while this might work for some people, for the rest of us mere mortals, with wants and needs and desires, the best you can hope to do is minimise your risk. We’re only human after all, and life would be a joyless slog without the occasional heady

Sexual Health #1

Sex. Know the risks.

Sex… no, this isn’t one of those lame ads from the back of a magazine –remember those– that’s desperately trying to get your attention. We really will be talking today about sex, or in this case: your sexual health. We’ve written a lot about shaving below the belt, on this blog: Thinking about shaving your balls? “It’s liberating!” Shaving for work…when you’re pornstar Mick Blue Would you let your partner

So you're going bald. Now what?

Going bald.

Hair today, gone tomorrow… lame as that sounds, that’s not the process for most men. Male pattern baldness isn’t an all at once thing. It can take years, and in much the same way a frog would jump out of a pan of boiling water, but die if a pan of cold water is heated up over time. You could be oblivious to the gradual loss of hair until your

Journaling: The art of getting out what’s in your head.

A quick, non-judgy guide to jotting down your thoughts so you can see them. ‘Dear diary… Did you know that talking to you has several health benefits and isn’t just a hiding place for the world domination plans of historical figures or the crushes of teenage girls?’ Your diary hasn’t got any clue what you’re talking about. Nevertheless, keeping a diary or journaling as it’s more commonly known can be

Invest in your self as a sign of self respect

Why‌ ‌invest‌ ‌in‌ ‌yourself?‌ ‌

Short answer, because no-one else will. Well, not until you drop the know-it-all act, muster up some courage and offer your clueless, beautiful self to what lies behind the door named WHAT IF? You don’t have to move mountains in 5 minutes. Change is a turtle race. It takes a series of small efforts. Try by little try. It could be standing up when others sit, opening your mouth when

Forgotten what you're doing in there?

Have you forgotten what you’re doing in there?

Why men spend so much time in the bathroom. Reservation for one? Men have always sought a place to go, to get away from things; a makeshift refuge. A bolthole somewhere with no clocks and a – I’M BUSY DOING NOTHING sign. Where they can drop their shoulders, suck back at the air and blow it out in a great gust of “About fucking time. Peace. And. Quiet”. Whether it’s

razor burn soothing

Razor burn – soothe and avoid those painful polka dots

If you shave you’re bound to have had a little razor burn now and again. It’s that sore-to-touch red rash that pops up after you’ve run the razor over your skin. More than likely you went into the shave too dry, did a rush job or wielded the razor like you were chopping onions, only for it to end in tears.  What to do with it. They key with razor

Sun up or sun down shaver?

Sun-up or Sun-down shaver?

When do you reach for the razor? Are you a ‘get it done between coffee, ‘apping and the breakfast rush’ kind of guy or do you relax into it before tucking yourself in at night? Traditionally ‘The shit, shower, shave routine’ has been an important part of a man’s sluggish morning plod. But now the ‘shave’ part moves around to fit in with his day, at his convenience. It’s no