The history of razors

The history of razors – from Ancient Egypt to your teenage safety razor

Razors had primitive beginnings. From the moment hair seemed to get in the way, men invented ways to get rid of it. Clamshells, rocks, daggers, obsidian stone, flint, string and the odd trusty piece of bronze filled the animal-skin kitbags of your great, great, great…1000 times great grandadio’s. Their shave was more like a heroes journey than a quick tidy-up. Before your time, son. Whether it was out of respect

Man using face cream as part of his skincare rountine

Skincare for men – the ins and outs

Today’s hombre is a little different to those ‘out in all weather, hard-as-nails, leather-faced’ warriors of the past. Now, men…cream. And they don’t care who knows it. It seems one minute David Beckham was plucking his eyebrows and the next thing you know, the tough guy next door is shaving his armpits and cutting the grass in a homemade mud-mask. The time of ‘I exfoliate, mate‘ is well and truly