Testosterone. It drives me nuts.

It drives me nuts.

While our female colleagues, in the great employer of life, have estrogen sloshing around inside their carnal husks, we –the males of the species– have been blessed with testosterone. You know the thing people inject to get “swole” and the chemical is scientifically proven to be responsible for the phrase “Hold my beer, I wanna try something.” It’s the thing that turns a boy into a man (physically speaking) and

Sex #4. So you’ve got an STI, now what?

Ah, the past… It was a simpler time, but honestly a worse time. Gone are the days when the flu could decimate a community. Or the mere hint of food poisoning would signal death and topple you from your steed. We live in a world where what would have spelled the end for our forebears are now a minor inconvenience. And when it comes to STIs, for most of the

Why 7-9hrs sleep is so important, and what to do when you don’t get it

Getting 40 winks won’t give you lines around your eyes, it will literally do the opposite.  Sleep is sometimes like a great relationship, and sometimes like a terrible one. It’s easy to romanticise, feels amazing when you’re in it, and improves almost every aspect of your life. But that’s only if you remember to pay it enough attention. Ignore it, put it off, or focus on other things and it

How to minimize your risk – Taking care of your… sexual health #2

There’s a reason this article isn’t called: “How to never get an STI” because the solution is never enjoying the carnal arts. And while this might work for some people, for the rest of us mere mortals, with wants and needs and desires, the best you can hope to do is minimise your risk. We’re only human after all, and life would be a joyless slog without the occasional heady

Sexual Health #1

Sex. Know the risks.

Sex… no, this isn’t one of those lame ads from the back of a magazine –remember those– that’s desperately trying to get your attention. We really will be talking today about sex, or in this case: your sexual health. We’ve written a lot about shaving below the belt, on this blog: Thinking about shaving your balls? “It’s liberating!” Shaving for work…when you’re pornstar Mick Blue Would you let your partner

You’re doing my head in, seriously!

For all that we have moved on, there is still a stigma around talking about mental health. And men, in particular, seem to struggle with opening up and having a conversation. Why is that? What makes men more guarded when it comes to mental health? Talk to me like a human. According to Mental Health America, one of the problems is that awareness strategies aren’t targeted towards men. They tend

Invest in your self as a sign of self respect

Why‌ ‌invest‌ ‌in‌ ‌yourself?‌ ‌

Short answer, because no-one else will. Well, not until you drop the know-it-all act, muster up some courage and offer your clueless, beautiful self to what lies behind the door named WHAT IF? You don’t have to move mountains in 5 minutes. Change is a turtle race. It takes a series of small efforts. Try by little try. It could be standing up when others sit, opening your mouth when