Sustainable Bathroom

How to make your bathroom routine more sustainable

Your grooming regime may take care of you, but are you making your Mama proud by being as kind as possible to the planet? We uncover 5 ways to make your grooming regimen more sustainable, protecting both the environment, and your skin.  Globally, an estimated 12 tonnes of plastic enter our oceans each year – that’s a lot of fed-up fish and disgruntled dolphins. Plastic waste is one of the

Green grooming

Green grooming.

Razors are pretty hard, right? And hair, you would think, is pretty soft. Razors, made from the same material they make skyscrapers and megayachts, should be able to stand up to a few strands of hair. But the reality is that each razor only has so much cutting power, even against a wispy teenage moustache. And for the best shave you need to switch up your razor from time to