Shaving for Work Zowie

Shaving for work… when you’re shaman Zowie Jannink

Shaving for work when you’re… shaman Zowie Jannink. What is it about bald chins that people find so compelling? Is the shape? The colour? The texture? Or something else? And while we’re not going to try to answer that in this article  –we’ll probably swing back around to it in the future– there’s something about a bald chin that says something to the world.  Doctors, soldiers, firemen, priests, for much


Become an early bird, and get up early

The early bird catches the worm, and there’s no better time to get things done than while everyone else is still wrapped up in bed. What better time to get a jump on the most important things you have to do than while everyone else is asleep.  Whether it’s wanting to get some exercise, do some reading or even taking the time to work through your morning routine. Getting up

Lockdown Locks

Lockdown locks – and what giving them up will mean

Lockdown forced us all to change our daily habits. And for many, that included grooming. During the lockdown, it appears that at least 50% of men stopped shaving, and grew lockdown beards or let their hair grow long.  Whether out of utter shaving inertia, or something different to do, the grooming rituals changed. We saw everything from fuzzy chins to full Father Christmas beards appear all over social media and

Would you let your partner shave your...

Would you let your partner shave your…?

Valentine’s day is coming. And while normally you might be getting ready for a night on the town this year is obviously an exception. But luckily as Valentine’s day is, normally, only celebrated by two people there are plenty of things you can do without flaunting pandemic rules. Which got us thinking: what’s something different you can do this Valentine’s day? And then we came across this… “She rested her

Corona virus

Covid Wave II – How will you spend the time?

Covid Wave II is well and truly here. Is this still the ‘new normal?’ or does this become the ‘new new normal’ or the ‘new normal normal?’ Whatever the ‘normal’ we’re living in, the world has changed. And while we can’t affect the circumstance we find ourselves in –mass inoculation being between 6-18 months away– we do get to choose how we respond to this new world.  As we’re at


Bah humbug! Christmas gifts for the person who hates everything

We’ve all got that person in our life. The one who’s always hoping that the silver lining in any particular cloud is more rain so they can whine about it. The person who if you said “You’re looking fly today!” would focus in on the word ‘today’ and would spend the rest of the day fretting about all the days that aren’t today. And telling everyone how inconsiderate you’ve been.

morning routine

Morning routine – 6 steps to start your day the right way

(Beep, beep, beep, beep!) The sound of the alarm blares in your ears as you drearily try to pry your eyelids apart. The light trickling in under the curtains feels like the brightest thing anyone could even imagine as you hit snooze and drift off again.  Or maybe you’re a morning person. You hit the alarm before it’s even reached the second beep, spring out of bed, hands-on-hips, ready to

Journaling: The art of getting out what’s in your head.

A quick, non-judgy guide to jotting down your thoughts so you can see them. ‘Dear diary… Did you know that talking to you has several health benefits and isn’t just a hiding place for the world domination plans of historical figures or the crushes of teenage girls?’ Your diary hasn’t got any clue what you’re talking about. Nevertheless, keeping a diary or journaling as it’s more commonly known can be

Ready in 5

Ready in 5… with style

We all know the morning drill. That slow crawl out of our caves, tripping on last night’s whatevers and feeling rattled by that weird guy staring back from the mirror? To help you get back to respectable we’ve put together a few ‘get fresh’ hacks to get you out of the door quicker, cleaner and with a bit more panache. 1. Don’t hate your alarm. Without it, you’ll waste the

Shaving for work Tavi Castro

Shaving for work… when you’re bodybuilder Tavi Castro

Shaving for work is something we’ve all done at some point. It might have been for your first job. When your parents badgered you into removing your scraggly teenage moustache before you spent a summer working in a not so fancy hotel in a seaside town… (just me?) But unlike most jobs shaving, for the gents in this series, gives them an edge at work. Instead of just being part