Shaving for work Mick

Shaving for work… when you’re pornstar Mick Blue [NSFW]

Day-to-day, 9-5 everyday shaving for work is a thing of the past. Men are growing out beards or rocking a stubble look and employers are more lax with their dress codes. Which got us thinking: What are the jobs where shaving can give you an edge. So far we talked to Olympic swimming hopeful Stan Pijnenburg and fixed gear cyclist Luc Ducrot. In sport shaving can literally shave seconds off

Shaving for work - Luc

Shaving for work… when you’re cyclist Luc Ducrot

Welcome back to our series on shaving for work. Last week we spoke to Dutch swimmer Stan Pijpenburg about how shaving gives him an edge. This week we’re looking at cyclists –who shave their legs to compete. You might think: “How could a few hairs be worth removing?” But there’s been studies that show you can save 79-seconds over a 40-kilometre time trial by shaving your legs. And when you

Sun up or sun down shaver?

Sun-up or Sun-down shaver?

When do you reach for the razor? Are you a ‘get it done between coffee, ‘apping and the breakfast rush’ kind of guy or do you relax into it before tucking yourself in at night? Traditionally ‘The shit, shower, shave routine’ has been an important part of a man’s sluggish morning plod. But now the ‘shave’ part moves around to fit in with his day, at his convenience. It’s no

Shaving for work - Stan

Shaving for work… when you’re swimmer Stan Pijnenburg

The morning shave before you trudge off to the office is a thing of the past. Beards are in. And most places have relaxed clean shave policies. There’s a few hold outs, but it’d probably only a matter of time. This got us thinking: “What jobs do you actually need to shave for?” There’s the obvious ones like healthcare, thanks folks, or the military but we wanted to go out