Women on Pubic Hair

Women talk. Pubic hair.

Pubic hair… we write about it, and its removal, a lot. It’s produced some of our most-read articles including: How to shave your balls… keep em warm Shaving for work… when you’re pornstar Mick Blue [NSFW]  Thinking about shaving your balls? “It’s liberating!”  And the hair raising Would you let your partner shave your…? And because you keep reading about it we keep writing about it. We already know that

What She Said...about body grooming

What she said… about body grooming

Body grooming, or what’s sometimes unflatteringly called manscaping. If you ask the Merriam-Webster Dictionary they’ll tell you it’s: “the trimming or shaving of a man’s body hair so as to enhance his appearance.”. Essentially it’s the art of treating your hirsute hills with the same care that a golf course groundskeeper does his greens.  But with more than half of Dutch men shaving more than just their face. And more

So you're going bald. Now what?

Going bald.

Hair today, gone tomorrow… lame as that sounds, that’s not the process for most men. Male pattern baldness isn’t an all at once thing. It can take years, and in much the same way a frog would jump out of a pan of boiling water, but die if a pan of cold water is heated up over time. You could be oblivious to the gradual loss of hair until your

What She Said about bald heads

Women talk. Baldness.

Balding… it’s something a lot of men deal with. And something, which might make you feel helpless, as your hair follicles disappear off to the great barber’s floor in the sky. If that’s you, you’re not alone. According to one study, it affects 16% of men aged 18-29 with that percentage increasing with age. In total 42% of all men will experience significant baldness. And for many men losing their

Skin drier than the Sahara?

Skin drier than the Sahara? (how to keep it well-watered)

It’s 2021, and male grooming is definitely a thing. With so many products and treatments designed exclusively for a male audience, there’s no excuse to leave common (and icky) skin issues like acne, beard rash, excessive oiliness, or super dry skin unchecked – you, and those who have to see your face on a daily basis, deserve better! Let’s take an in-depth look at a common complaint that threatens many

What She Said...About Skin Care

# 2. What she said…about skincare

Skincare… why do many men find it so difficult? Whether for reasons of insecurity or a lack of knowledge a lot of men aren’t looking after their skin. And while older men see the value in looking after their skin. Younger men are less interested in taking care of their skin.  At Boldking we’ve tried to make skincare as simple as possible. Our No-fuss skincare routine has only 3 steps

What she said...about facial hair

# 1. What she said…about facial hair

What women want… it’s the age-old question, and something even Mel Gibson, in his infinite wisdom, couldn’t figure out in the film of the same name. And while it’s never going to be possible to figure out what every woman wants, we decided to ask a group of women what they think about what men get up to behind the bathroom door.  Everything from what facial hair should men wear,

Taking care of your balding head

Taking care of your… balding head

A balding head is a long, slow process. Your follicles slowly blinking out like light bulbs in student play about the folly of hope. Until you’re left with a few remaining strands huddled together for whatever solace they can offer each other… But we’re not here to give you the balding man’s version of the Vagina Monologues. We think balding is great because you can shave it all off. And

Forgotten what you're doing in there?

Have you forgotten what you’re doing in there?

Why men spend so much time in the bathroom. Reservation for one? Men have always sought a place to go, to get away from things; a makeshift refuge. A bolthole somewhere with no clocks and a – I’M BUSY DOING NOTHING sign. Where they can drop their shoulders, suck back at the air and blow it out in a great gust of “About fucking time. Peace. And. Quiet”. Whether it’s

The secret life of smells

The Secret Life of Smells

We all smell. Whether it’s the work of our hyper-sexed hormones or we get a little too hot trying to open a jar of pickles. Sooner or later a smell will leave the body and invade the nostrils of the guy next to us. Some people smell like they’ve run a marathon without even having left the couch… But where do smells come from, what do they mean? What can