A handsome man puts on face cream as part of his simple skincare routine for men

A no-fuss skincare routine for men

Googling ‘skincare routine for men’ brings up ~40 million results. What products to apply, in what order, for how long, the specific times of day, yada yada. And while it’s amazing to see people so passionate about creating the ‘perfect’ routine we know that the ‘perfect’ routine is often the one you stick to. There’s no point building the perfect fitness regime if you don’t stick to it. There’s no

razor burn soothing

Razor burn – soothe and avoid those painful polka dots

If you shave you’re bound to have had a little razor burn now and again. It’s that sore-to-touch red rash that pops up after you’ve run the razor over your skin. More than likely you went into the shave too dry, did a rush job or wielded the razor like you were chopping onions, only for it to end in tears.  What to do with it. They key with razor

Are male and female razors really that different?

Are male and female razors really that different?

If Shaving had its own museum; the 20th Century section would be stacked with busts of handsome men with freshly shaved jawlines and bathtubs full of silky-legged statues of women. And at the back of the room, in separates display cases – one blue razor and one pink razor. But as you walk down the corridor and into the bathrooms of today you’ll see men shaving their armpits with ‘her’

Body grooming - even if you're as hairy as a werewolf

Body grooming – even if you’re as hairy as a werewolf

It’s not a far stretch to say the werewolf wasn’t a fan of shaving. Maybe it fears the razor as much as it fears the silver bullet. Who knows? But if we are to believe the half-human, half-wolf, moon-bather prowled the medieval villages looking for a juicy virgin’s neck to spike. Then, it’s not too hard to strip out the fantasy and say maybe the wolfman was just a real

Image of beautiful razor floating in space.

How to look after your razor, and make it last longer

A good shave starts with a well-kept razor. A neglected razor is like shaving with some Stone age piece of flint. Razor’s aren’t complicated, but they need a bit of love. And everything you need to keep your razor in tip-top condition is already right there in front of you – at the bathroom sink.  Let’s go. Razors are not drumsticks.  Although most razors are a lot stronger than they

Two shocked balls

Thinking about shaving your balls for the first time? “It’s liberating.”

“A blade!” “Near my–!” “You’ve got to be kidding!” If you’ve ever thought about shaving your downstairs-hairs something along these lines has probably crossed your mind. Taking a blade to your nether region can feel like an adventure into uncharted territory, but it doesn’t need to. Like most things in life, you won’t be the first to give your undercarriage a bit of a spruce up, and you won’t be

Two shocked balls

How to shave your balls… Keep ’em warm.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a while, inspired by your favourite adult performer, or your better half has been nudging you for a little tidy-up. Or, who knows, maybe it’s part of your faith*. But holding a knife near the family jewels never sounds appealing. Let us take you by the hand…wait! that sounds weird! Scrap that. Here are a few tips on shaving your delicate goosey danglers.

How to shave your chest

How to shave your chest… mind the nips

Pecs. Man-boobs. Mountains of plenty. Whether you’re as wide as a doorway or you’ve inherited the skinny as a lamp-post frame. Chest hair has no favourites. It turns up everywhere. From the XS nipple hairs to the XXXL shaggy rug. And it comes with a personality all of its own. So if yours has been a little too loud recently or it’s taking attention away from your eagle tattoo. Shaving could

Thinking about shaving your head?

Thinking about shaving your head? Just do it!

Hair. We’ve all go it. Some more, some less. There’s tiny follicles of it all over our bodies and in general the older we get the more hair we get –which is why your teenage moustache couldn’t compete with your nan’s. This is almost universally true apart from the head… For a lot of men entering their thirties, hair starts popping up in places you don’t expect. And disappearing in

How to shave your head...from balding to bald

How to shave your head… from balding to baldy

Head shaving is not like mowing the lawn. You can’t just breeze over it with a razor and hope for the best. Taking your eye off the ball for a moment could mean the difference between looking bad-ass or like a badly-shaved ass. It needs care and patience like a bonsai tree. Think Buddha, brother. Shaving your head is a big move, but well worth it when it’s done right.