Bah humbug! Christmas gifts for the person who hates everything

We’ve all got that person in our life. The one who’s always hoping that the silver lining in any particular cloud is more rain so they can whine about it. The person who if you said “You’re looking fly today!” would focus in on the word ‘today’ and would spend the rest of the day fretting about all the days that aren’t today. And telling everyone how inconsiderate you’ve been. While we’re mostly here to keep things positive, we’re not above being petty every now and then, ye know, all in the spirit of good fun. 

So here’s our snarky Christmas gift list for the person in your life who takes everything the wrong way. The silver lining in this particular cloud is that all these gifts are actually useful. So your friend or loved one can grumble away, but they’ll still be using these presents week in week out. You don’t have to say “I told you so” (although you can if you want) a look of smug satisfaction should more than suffice. 


The “You look tired” present, (almost) everybody likes it. So what better present than a bash of caffeine to perk up you less than cheerful chum. There’s lots of coffee stuff to choose from, from fancy hipster coffee filters to comedy coffee mugs (this one ftw) but topping the list has to be a coffee subscription. 

Check out this one from our hometown neighbours, White Label. They’ll send your present recipient a surprise bag of coffee each month. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving. Hammer your friend into cheerful caffeinated submission with this practical present. 


🎶 Tis the season to wear face masks! 🎶

🎶 Fa la la la la, la la la la! 🎶

Covid’s not going anywhere so maybe this gifting season is the time to help your friend out with a face covering. It’ll help reduce the spread of covid and has the added benefit of covering their face. Want to grow out a beard but hate the stubble look? Face mask. Waiting for a cold sore to heal? Facemask. Have a constant scowl from finding the worst in every situation? Face mask.

There are lots of great options out there, but for a slick black look, we like another one of our Amsterdam neighbours, Daily Paper. Their masks are hip but not overbearing. And have an anti-bacterial coating. And all proceeds from the masks are being donated too. What’s not to like?

The Boldking Giftbox

The “You’ve really let yourself go!” present. 

Dutch aunties are famous for getting their nephew’s shower gel as a present. Maybe it’s just a simple practical low-cost present, or maybe it’s difficult to visit your siblings when they live with a smelly teenage boy. Whatever the reason we’re recommending you go several steps better. You could just buy a shower foam, available this year in its own gift box –for the Dutch aunties among you. Or you could really step up the hint and buy a whole bathroom set. 

Shower foam, shaving foam, razor and aftershave cream – it’s a one-box self-care set. Perfect for the man or boy in your life who wants to (or needs to) up their grooming game. 

But seriously…

All joking aside, we picked these presents as they are solid gifts. Obviously, pair the present to the person, but if you’re struggling to find something for the man in your life these should steer you in the right direction.

Bonus gift

Want to get us a present but don’t know what we’d like? We’re partial to this Jesus Shaves mug… We’re not saying that Boldking is what Jesus would have used, let’s just say we’re very confident in our razor. Glory, glory hallelujah!

Let us know what you think.