Not your dad’s.

Our why.

We have a new campaign. It’s called Not your dad’s. And it’s about newness. But that’s not to say it’s a middle finger to an older generation. Hell no! They did their best with what they had. And they got us so far already! They invented mobiles and the internet FFS. But as always the beat goes on and what was good back then just doesn’t cut it anymore. And that’s where the new generation comes in. Youth changes everything. And it has taken a good look in the mirror and said “I want to make a difference!”. Just like dads or the older generation did back in their day.

Our fight.

We made a razor to go up against the Old Shaving Establishment (you know who they are). And these Goliaths are hard to budge. Again, nothing wrong with what they make. It’s just…old. But not in a nostalgic show-your-friends kind of way. It was made for a different generation with different needs. Now it’s time for OLD to kick back in a rocking chair and happily dream about his childhood. Because NEW is a young man’s game. And Boldking is a brand for the young at heart. And everyone likes some healthy competition. Right? It keeps things fresh.

There you have it. Love ‘em or hate ‘em. We’re living up to our name. Boldking. And owning whatever comes from having courage. We would love for you to stand right there with us. 

Shaven or hairy, that’s your call. 

For everyone younger than their dad.

BOLDKING. Not your dad’s

Let us know what you think.