Would you let your partner shave your...

Would you let your partner shave your…?

Valentine’s day is coming. And while normally you might be getting ready for a night on the town this year is obviously an exception. But luckily as Valentine’s day is, normally, only celebrated by two people there are plenty of things you can do without flaunting pandemic rules. Which got us thinking: what’s something different you can do this Valentine’s day? And then we came across this… “She rested her

Corona virus

Covid Wave II – How will you spend the time?

Covid Wave II is well and truly here. Is this still the ‘new normal?’ or does this become the ‘new new normal’ or the ‘new normal normal?’ Whatever the ‘normal’ we’re living in, the world has changed. And while we can’t affect the circumstance we find ourselves in –mass inoculation being between 6-18 months away– we do get to choose how we respond to this new world.  As we’re at

morning routine

Morning routine – 6 steps to start your day the right way

(Beep, beep, beep, beep!) The sound of the alarm blares in your ears as you drearily try to pry your eyelids apart. The light trickling in under the curtains feels like the brightest thing anyone could even imagine as you hit snooze and drift off again.  Or maybe you’re a morning person. You hit the alarm before it’s even reached the second beep, spring out of bed, hands-on-hips, ready to

Taking care of your balding head

Taking care of your… balding head

A balding head is a long, slow process. Your follicles slowly blinking out like light bulbs in student play about the folly of hope. Until you’re left with a few remaining strands huddled together for whatever solace they can offer each other… But we’re not here to give you the balding man’s version of the Vagina Monologues. We think balding is great because you can shave it all off. And

Shaving for work Mick

Shaving for work… when you’re pornstar Mick Blue [NSFW]

Day-to-day, 9-5 everyday shaving for work is a thing of the past. Men are growing out beards or rocking a stubble look and employers are more lax with their dress codes. Which got us thinking: What are the jobs where shaving can give you an edge. So far we talked to Olympic swimming hopeful Stan Pijnenburg and fixed gear cyclist Luc Ducrot. In sport shaving can literally shave seconds off

A handsome man puts on face cream as part of his simple skincare routine for men

A no-fuss skincare routine for men

Googling ‘skincare routine for men’ brings up ~40 million results. What products to apply, in what order, for how long, the specific times of day, yada yada. And while it’s amazing to see people so passionate about creating the ‘perfect’ routine we know that the ‘perfect’ routine is often the one you stick to. There’s no point building the perfect fitness regime if you don’t stick to it. There’s no

Shaving for work - Stan

Shaving for work… when you’re swimmer Stan Pijnenburg

The morning shave before you trudge off to the office is a thing of the past. Beards are in. And most places have relaxed clean shave policies. There’s a few hold outs, but it’d probably only a matter of time. This got us thinking: “What jobs do you actually need to shave for?” There’s the obvious ones like healthcare, thanks folks, or the military but we wanted to go out

Thinking about shaving your head?

Thinking about shaving your head? Just do it!

Hair. We’ve all go it. Some more, some less. There’s tiny follicles of it all over our bodies and in general the older we get the more hair we get –which is why your teenage moustache couldn’t compete with your nan’s. This is almost universally true apart from the head… For a lot of men entering their thirties, hair starts popping up in places you don’t expect. And disappearing in