Women talk. Pubic hair.

Pubic hair… we write about it, and its removal, a lot. It’s produced some of our most-read articles including:

And because you keep reading about it we keep writing about it. We already know that you guys are fans. So we decided to ask the fairer sex for their take on your curly friends. We’ve already talked to them about your face, head, skincare, and body grooming routines so it would be remiss of us not to tackle your… tackle. So let’s grab the issue with both hands and give it a good shake in the hope of releasing some truths. 

By the short and curlies.

First things first. If we’ve learned anything about the ladies we spoke to, and we’re hoping that they’re representative of womanhood as a whole, it’s that they’re not shy about their opinions. All the ladies in our group said they speak to their partners about their pubic hair. There are no secret desires here. 

And our group of frank ladies was largely aligned in their preferences. Over 80% of them prefer some degree of trimming. One-third preferring their partner completely shaven. And a small minority prefers their partner au-natural.


The reasons for keeping it trimmed mostly came down to it being cleaner and more attractive. With one-third saying that pubic hair would be a dealbreaker. While others found it was more of a preference. 

When women preferred letting the hair run wild and free. They gave comfort as the main reason. Shaving technique, or the lack of it, was also singled out as a preference for trimming over shaving. With these ladies not liking razor burn –we’re with you there ladies. So if you do plan to clean shave, take your time and brush up on some of the tips in this article. And see our post on how to avoid razor burn. It’s written about the face, but the tips all still apply.

We also asked our ladies if they’d ever been surprised by anyone’s hair choice. And the answer was mainly no. It seems the women in this group were very accepting of a man’s hairstyle choice. The exception was women who consider a clean-shaven member the only way. But as these are massively in the minority you’re more likely than not to have a partner who’s accepting of your grooming choices.

To shave or not to shave?

What people do with their pubic hair does have an effect on your partner’s sexual satisfaction. In research carried out in Flanders –just two hours south of Boldking HQ. Researchers asked almost 4,500 men and women about their pubic hair preferences. They found that there is a correlation between your partner meeting your preferences and your sexual satisfaction. Although it worked somewhat asymmetrically. Men’s sexual satisfaction was correlated with their partner meeting their expectations. While women’s satisfaction improved when both partner’s preferences were met.

The tidyup. 

Luckily it seems that what women, mostly, want is that you keep yourself clean and fresh. Leaving you to figure out how to style your short and curlies. And if you do prefer to go completely bare, or let it run wild and free, there’s someone out there for you. So match your hairstyle to your partner if you want. Or cut her loose and go find someone who’s into your lion’s mane. Either way: You do you.

For more in this series check out our articles talking to women about your face, head, skincare, and body grooming. If this article has inspired you to try something new? See: Thinking about shaving your balls? “It’s liberating!” to hear other men’s experiences of shaving down there for the first time. And How to shave your balls… keep em warm for all the tips you need get a set of naked knackers. 

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