Shaving for work… when you’re pornstar Mick Blue [NSFW]

Day-to-day, 9-5 everyday shaving for work is a thing of the past. Men are growing out beards or rocking a stubble look and employers are more lax with their dress codes. Which got us thinking:

What are the jobs where shaving can give you an edge. So far we talked to Olympic swimming hopeful Stan Pijnenburg and fixed gear cyclist Luc Ducrot. In sport shaving can literally shave seconds off your time. But sports aren’t the only professions where shaving can give you an edge.

Porn has probably inspired a lot of men to take a razor to their undercarriage than anything else. So we got in touch with one of the most famous male pornstars on the planet, Mick Blue. To hear the in ins-and-outs of porn and why he shaves.

Tell me a bit about yourself?

I’m 43 years old, born and raised in Austria and have been in porn for 20 years and I’ve had sex with more than 4.000 women in that time. My wife, Anikka Albrite, also works in porn. And we live in L.A. because that’s where the main industry is. There’s some stuff happening in Europe, but U.S. is where most of the companies are.

Outside that I do Brazilian Ju Jitsu and car racing. When I was younger I used to ski race, I’ve always liked the adrenaline rush.

How did you get into porn? Was it for that same adrenaline rush?

Not really. For me it was a chance to combine something I liked, sex, with making money. I started when I was 22 or 23. I had regular jobs before but I’d been interested in being in porn since I was 17 or 18.

Back then it was difficult in to get into porn in Austria. This was before the internet, and I had no contacts, so I just started writing letters to people. Now it’s much easier because you can find everything online.

How did you get your break?

I got lucky and met a magazine publisher who invited me to a competition. It was a kind of gangbang orgy competition with 30 guys fucking 5 girls. To win a gangbang orgy competition when I first started it was basically the last man standing. We shot that orgy for prob about 4-5 hours and I came like 3 times. After that there was a final, with me and another guy from Sweden. We had to fuck 6 girls, but he couldn’t get hard. So I won and I got to have sex with all the girls – it was a lot of fun.

From that I got invited to have dinner with a famous producer. We met at a restaurant in small town in Austria. It was a Saturday night and the place was really busy. We sat down and started talking and he said: “So I hear you want to be in porn?”

I told him I did, and he said: “Show me your dick.”

I got up in the middle of the restaurant and pulled out my limp dick. He booked me for a shoot in Paris the following week.

What about the other people in the restaurant? Weren’t you worried you’d get in trouble?

He was testing me. If you can’t pull out your dick in front of people you won’t make it in this business. I had a goal and was willing to do what I needed to achieve it.

People looked, but in Austria you can’t get in trouble for pulling out your dick in a restaurant. So there weren’t really any consequences.

Do you face any stigma because of your job?

When I was younger I didn’t care. And in Europe people are more liberal. I had friends who wanted to be politicians so they didn’t want to be publicly associated with me. But I understood that so it wasn’t a problem.

There’s a lot more stigma in America, particularly from religious people. But I’d say about 80-90% of people who find out I work in porn are kind to me.

What’s shooting a scene like?

A scene typically takes 3-3.5 hours, with each position taking about 15-20 minutes. It’s really physical so you need to adapt your lifestyle to perform at the highest level. Eat healthy. Work out. Take care of yourself.

Then there are the technical aspects. You need to know how to position your body in relation to the camera for the best shot. What looks good on the camera doesn’t always feel good for the performers.

And you need to be able to cum in about 3-5 minutes. If you’re a professional and the director needs you to cum you better cum. And all this is happening with 10-15 people watching you.

Why do performers shave? Is it a hygiene thing, or to look bigger?

It’s a personal preference. I used to shave before working in porn so I just kept doing it. I’ve never had a production company or director tell me I had to shave. It’s up to performers to decide for themselves. We all shower before scenes so hygiene isn’t an issue.

What’s your approach to shaving?

I work 20-25 days a month but I don’t shave everyday or for ever scene. I always shave in the shower and use lots of shaving foam, as it’s more comfortable. If I don’t have shaving cream I’ll use hair conditioner. But there’s been times when I’ve had to shave without it.

Shaving at night gives the skin time to rest, and if you get any small cuts they have time to heal. And I use a Neosporin – at least that’s what it’s called in the U.S. It’s an antibiotic ointment that prevents ingrown hairs.

Personally I shave my balls and ass, and trim the hair above my dick. That hair gets scratchy when it’s growing out so it’s not nice for the girls. If a girl has to grind on you and your hair is scratchy it can really hurt her vagina.

Did you ever find it scary?

Not really, I’ve been doing it for a long time. Sometimes my wife wants to shave me, and I find that scary. It requires a lot of trust to let someone hold a blade near your balls. Or if she asks me to shave her, I find that really scary because I don’t want to cut her. Luckily the skin down there is quite soft so it heals quickly.

How did your dildo come about?

Fleshlight never had anything for straight performers, and they were talking about it for many years. At some point they just said ‘Let’s do it,’ So they did ones with me, Manuel Ferrara and Ryan Driller so we were the first straight performers to have our own Fleshlight dildos.

It feels very realistic, they’ve done a good job with the materials, and my wife approves. She already had a Fleshlight of her vagina so now you can buy them as a couples set.

You’re obviously hung like a horse. Do you have advice for guys on the smaller end of the spectrum?

Learn how to use what you’ve got properly. You’ve got to use your size to the best of your abilities. It’s all about communication really.

Oh and something I learned early in my sexual career is always go down on the girl. It’s weird to me when guys expect a blowjob, but won’t return the favour. You’ve got to keep things fair and equal. Pleasure her first and any size you have after that is a bonus.

What’s been your proudest moment in porn?

I achieved a lot of things in porn. I have over 40 Adult Video News (AVN) awards, the porn equivalent of the Oscars. And I was the first person to win the AVN Male Performer of the Year three years in a row. But my proudest moment was the year my wife and I won Male and Female Performer of the year together. It was the first time a married couple won the both awards the same year so it was really special.

When I was preparing for this interview I thought shaving was more about looking bigger, but it was refreshing to hear that shaving in porn is a personal preference. Shave if you want to, or don’t. It’s up to you.

Thanks to Mick for giving us a glimpse into his very different working world. Want more of Mick? You can find him on OnlyFans or get his dildo here. Too scared to click the link, but want to see how you measure up. Our Shower Foam is the same length as Mick’s member… just saying.

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