Shaving in numbers – 5 million hairs, 1 razor [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know it’s hard for men to share their innermost secrets, but when it comes to shaving we couldn’t get them to shut-up. We asked a load of guys (5678) to tell us what they get up to when the bathroom door closes. And we put our findings into this nifty little infographic.

Shaving time

For instance did you know that men shave an average of 2-3 times a week, and spend up to 20 minutes in the bathroom. That’s between 40-60mins a week or 2,16 days a year. Which is a bit less than the 2,4 days they could spend watching the premiership, assuming they watched every game. Who says the average man cares more about football than anything else.

Shaving where

Over half the respondents always shave in the morning, while about a quarter always shave in the evening. Which leaves a further quarter who take a spontaneous approach, shaving whenever the mood takes them. No schedule for them.

As to what they shave, the most popular area to shave is, unsurprisingly, the face. Followed by the head, and then taking a trip down south. Almost 60% of Austrian and German men shave their pubes. This is followed closely by Belgium and The Netherlands, where over half of the men surveyed like to keep their downstairs tidy.

Islanders are apparently much more conservative about body grooming. Only 10% of British and Irish men even shaving their arm pits. It’s probably the cold climate, every scrap of hair necessary to keep em warm.

Shaving why

And ultimately the why of shaving. Who are men doing it for?

The answer, pleasantly, is mostly for themselves. 91% of men shave for themselves. 41% (also) do it for their partner. And 21% for shave for sex.

The typical shaver

So if we were to create the typical European shaver, we’ll call him. John. Or Jimmy to his friends.

Jimmy normally gets his thing done in the morning. Goes for it twice a week, three if he’s feeling hairy. Prepares with shaving foam because he’s done his research, the smart man that he is. And takes just shy of twenty minutes to go from sand-paper face to porcelain chin. He would also shave his head if he had the time or the guts to do it.

If he was from the lowlands, Johan would be a bit more adventurous and he’s likely shave his pubes. If John was a Brit, his armpits would almost never see a razor, maybe only if he lost a bet. There’s also a good chance he’ll use some sort of aftershave safeguard like a balm. John likes the word balm and the way it feels on his face. He’s sensitive like that.

Where do you fit into Europe’s shaving landscape?

Boldking shaving infographic – a survey of the shaving habits of European men.

Now you’ve got your fill of shaving data, has it changed how you think about shaving or men? Or inspired you to shave a part of you you’ve never considered before? Let us know or check our article on How to shave your face to get you going.

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