Balding man shaving his head bald

Thinking about shaving your head? Just do it!

Hair. We’ve all go it. Some more, some less. There’s tiny follicles of it all over our bodies and in general the older we get the more hair we get –which is why your teenage moustache couldn’t compete with your nan’s.

This is almost universally true apart from the head…

For a lot of men entering their thirties, hair starts popping up in places you don’t expect. And disappearing in the place you want it most.

Thanks father time

It starts gradually. After each haircut less and less comes out to play. Until one day you’re staring at yourself in the mirror, and realise you’ve spent more time washing your face than your head. Your hair slowly backed up to the door and left without saying a word –the party’s over.

Or it’s a more violent Eureka! moment.

You’re back at the barber, it’s been a while. You ask for the usual and end up staring, dumbfounded, at the follicle deforestation that’s ravaged your cranium. It’s tempting to freak out and blame the barber, but the reality is you’re going bald. Don’t shoot the messenger. Especially when he’s holding the scissors.

So the question to ask yourself is what to do? Cover it with a wig or hat? Wayne Rooney it and get a swanky surgeon to pluck the hairs from your arse and stick em in your head? Or go the natural route and shave it off?

We know which we’d opt for. But shaving your head is a big step for anyone. So we talked to some of our handsome customers; Leo, Antonio, Marvin, Vincenzo and Ben, to find about their first time.

Why did you decide to shave your head?

Leo (Student, The Netherlands): “The day I finished my internship, I started a new phase in my life and decided to shave it all off. My hair was thinning and I didn’t want to be worried about my balding spots. Better to be bald than balding”.

Antonio (Sales, Spain): “I was already cutting my hair very short but I decided that shaving is much more comfortable”.

Vincenzo (Student, Italy): “I love the bald style. I didn’t want to take care of my hair, and I had a good chance to go bald in the future”.

Ben (Sales Director, The Netherlands): “I had been using clippers for many years (went bald more than 15 years ago). It was always something I planned on doing, but for some reason never materialized.. Decided to pull the trigger at the suggestion of a friend”.

How did you feel about it? Was it a big step?

Leo: “I wasn’t happy. I am only 21 and hated the fact that I will only have hair a quarter of my life. I was also a bit scared that I would look like an egg”.

Antonio: “I had lost track of Boldking and then I saw a Boldking advertisement on Instagram. I thought: It’s time!”

Marvin (Carpenter, Germany): “It was a big step for me but I love it now”.

Vincenzo: “The first time I was 17 or 18 years old and I didn’t care what people thought. It wasn’t that big of a leap for me, I already cut my hair really short”.

Ben: “In the beginning I was a bit worried that my head would look really shiny… But this was not the case at all, and my hair actually grows back very fast. About 1,5 days to have same length as using clippers”.

What was the first time shaving your head like?

Shaving your head for the first time with Boldking – Boldking

Leo: “So weird! I watched some videos on YouTube and bought different blades. But after the first time, I knew for sure: nothing beats the feeling of a fresh wet shave”.

Antonio: “Amazing, it was really easy”.

Marvin: “I did some research on the internet. The very first time was very difficult”.

Vincenzo: “I didn’t know how to do it. I searched for videos on YouTube but I didn’t find a lot of good stuff (even from big shaving channels.) I wasn’t difficult but I didn’t know how to do it, so I was a little nervous”.

Ben: “It was quite exciting. It felt a bit strange in the beginning, because you don’t really see what you’re doing. I watched a YouTube video, to get the main gist of it.”

What advice would you give to someone for their first time?

Leo: “Trim your hair first. Then warm up your skull with a hot wet towel. Afterwards, use shaving cream, shave gently and don’t forget to use aftershave balm”.

Antonio: “Be careful and don’t go fast”.

Marvin: “Take your time it gets better and better every time. It’s a matter of practice”.

Ben: “It takes a bit of practice, but once you figure out the correct shave pattern it becomes dead easy.”

Did shaving your head change anything?

Leo: “I feel much better and I am glad that I found the courage to do it. The majority of people reacted positively. The best part is I don’t have to show my ID to buy alcohol anymore”.

Antonio: “I look better”.

Marvin: “Sure, it changes you. You become more confident in every way. and of course people notice it too”.

Vincenzo: “At first it was strange for other people, but then they got used to it. Nobody can see me going back to hair now”.

Ben: “Before my girlfriend always shaved my head with the clippers. So the main impact is that it now costs me a bit more time. Only a couple of friends actually noticed it, but that’s probably because I’m not in the office right now”.

What’s something you wish you knew about being bald before you shaved?

Leo: “Use sunscreen, even when it’s only 15 degrees. Oh, and grow a beard if possible”.

Marvin: “Before I did it my hairdresser said to me I have the shape of the head for it and I trusted it. And of course a bald head needs a lot of care”.

Vincenzo: “I wish I knew how to shave it properly. And that there are dedicated head shaving products – like blades and shaving creams”.

Ben: “You tan a lot better”.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about shaving their head?

Leo: “Do it! And if you don’t like it’ll grow back”.

Marvin: “Just do it! I don’t know anyone who has regretted it”.

Ben: “Stop over-analyzing and just do it. In the worse case scenario you have to wait a couple of days until it starts growing back”.

You got this

There you have it folks. Whether you’re thinking about putting your head under the razor now or want to have a plan just in case, you’re good. You make the decision. Whether you chose a wig, hair replacement or, our recommended option, shaving.

See our article on How to shave your head if you’re thinking of making the leap. And our flexible razor razor which will hug all the curves of your head for the best possible shave. We’ve got you covered.

Let us know what you think.