Balding man shaving his head bald

Taking care of your… balding head

A balding head is a long, slow process. Your follicles slowly blinking out like light bulbs in student play about the folly of hope. Until you’re left with a few remaining strands huddled together for whatever solace they can offer each other…

But we’re not here to give you the balding man’s version of the Vagina Monologues. We think balding is great because you can shave it all off. And want to provide inspiration for people thinking about going under the razor.

Recently Richard from The Bald Brothers wrote a review about shaving his head with the Boldking razor. The Bald Brothers have a message of embracing baldness, being decisive and owning the look. We loved their positive take on going bald so reached out to talk to Willie, the other Bald Brother, about choosing to shave his head and why they started the blog.

How did the blog come about?

My brother and I are both bald, so we decided to write a blog about embracing baldness. We wanted to provide inspiration for other men who were going through that process. We write about things related to going bald, shaving your head, and looking after your bald head. The feedback so far has been really positive.

We also started a Facebook group which has about 1500 members. About 95% of the men in the group said they prefer a shave head and wouldn’t go back. And then there are other members who are thinking about shaving their heads and are looking for advice. Anyone can join.

What was the process of balding like?

I started losing my hair when I was 23. And then spent about 7 years trying to stop it. I was wearing caps trying to cover it up, and trying different shampoos to stop the hair loss. Lots of hair loss solutions are expensive, and don’t work so it’s a constant drain of money. It’s big business, in 2019 the hair loss industry was worth 4 billions dollars. Decent hair implants start from about 5-6 thousand dollars, which is quite expensive. It’s also a massive drain on your energy thinking and worry about it.

What made you decide to shave it off?

I just got to a point where I’d had enough of worrying. I’d been thinking about it too much and thinking about shaving my head for a while so I just said “Fuck it!” I was spending too much time worrying about losing my hair.

Everything is easier with hindsight, but I wish I’d done it earlier. I feel so much better with a shaved head and definitely don’t regret shaving it.

Boldking flexible razor, great for shaving bodybuilders

Why do you think it takes so long for people to shave their heads?

I think people are worried what others will think of them. Hair loss is gradual and you hold onto hope so it’s harder to make the decision. By the age of 35 about two thirds of men will experience some degree of hair loss. Western culture is very hair focused so losing your hair is emotionally challenging.

How did people respond to your new look?

I thought people would be more judgemental, but no one cared really. People were either neutral or positive. And my girlfriend was very supportive, she loves my bald head. I honestly wouldn’t go back even if I could grow a full head of hair again.

Do you think attractiveness plays a role in people putting off shaving their heads?

I think that’s part of it, I was luck my girlfriend was so supportive, but it shouldn’t be a concern. We wrote about a recent study that showed that men with shaved heads appear more attractive and aggressive than men with hair. I think it’s also seen as a sign of confidence. You’re taking ownership of your look and that’s attractive.

What about grooming? How do you look after your head?

I use coconut oil every day. It’s a moisturiser and has a natural spf of 5 or 10 which is great for the summer. Sunscreen is a must when it’s sunny and a hat is important too.

A good razor is also a key, but which one you get is down to personal preference. I prefer ones which don’t clog. It’s important to invest in a good razor as you really get what you pay for. Spend about 10-15 euro and try different razors to find the one that’s right for your head. And a good shaving foam too.

Do you shave everyday?

I shave every 2-3 days, which is better for the razor as you’re not shaving hair that is too long. I shave at the sink and do everything I can see. Then I shave the back, feeling to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Then it’s into the shower and coconut oil to finish it off.

What do you say to the guys thinking about shaving their heads?

For me it was a relief when I finally shaved it all off – like a weight being lifted. I wished I’d done it earlier so I say ‘Think of all the emotional energy you’ll save by shaving your head, just do it.’

Thanks to Willie from The Bald Brothers for taking the time to talk to us about owning your balding head. Check out their website and Facebook group for more on everything bald, and to meet other bald head aficionados. The gents even have a book called the Bald Bible with everything you need to get you started on your bald headed journey.

Thinking about shaving your head or want to try a new razor for yourself? Try our very flexible razor, as Richard put it in his review: “Everyone has a differently shaped head, so having a blade that moves over our unique domes with ease is awesome.” And check out our How to shave you head article for all the tips and tricks for shaving your head.

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