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The Secret Life of Smells

We all smell. Whether it’s the work of our hyper-sexed hormones or we get a little too hot trying to open a jar of pickles. Sooner or later a smell will leave the body and invade the nostrils of the guy next to us. Some people smell like they’ve run a marathon without even having left the couch… But where do smells come from, what do they mean? What can you tell about a person from his smell, besides what he had for dinner last night?

Let’s clear the air on smells. And help you to manage yours.

Please take this personally, you smell!

Everyone has a scent of their own. A one of a kind perfume only you can produce. You’re making it even when you’re sleeping, a non-stop smell factory. Dogs know you by smell, lovers choose you by smell and unfortunately some people might avoid you because of it.

What’s that pong?

When a substance lets off molecules into the air and our nose takes note of it we call it a ‘smell’. The more excited that release, the stronger the smell. Blue cheese exercises it’s smell more liberally than say a metal door handle. Smells move freely in every direction by piggybacking on air particles already out there. A smell can hang around for a while, sometimes too long. Until someone squirts a bit of freshener to cover it up. Even when the smell finally disappears it may stay floating around in the memory and pop back every now and again when you least expect it, BAM! 15 again!!   

Work up a stink.

Despite what your gym teacher says, sweat doesn’t smell. That sweet, grubby hum emanating from your body is the result of over-excited bacteria that live in your crevices and let off an odour while breaking down your sweat into acid. Sweat is what work smells like.

And ain’t nothing wrong with that. 

Point your nose in the right direction.

If you’re the type of guy who’s smell stays in a room even when you’ve left it. Here are a few pointers to lighten the atmosphere a little and keep you smelling natural, not live-in-the-woods natural but a clean, honest kind of natural…

1. Give yourself regular showers. 

Or jump into a freshwater stream now and again, to wash away any bacteria taking a holiday on you. Don’t forget to soap-up all of your shadowy areas, bacteria love the dark, like between your toes and under your armpits. 

2. Use a deo. 

It will cover for you when the going gets tough. Use it morning and night. A deodorant is different than an antiperspirant, so it won’t stop you sweating. But it will de your odour, hiding the smell. Refer to step one for how to deal with the sweat.

3. Food matters.

If you only eat onions you will smell like an onion. Eat a lot of cheese, you’ll smell kinda cheesy. And eat a lot of red meat? Well this team of researchers found you’ll smell less attractive than someone eating a vegetarian diet. Smell starts from the inside out, keep an eye on your diet.

4. Change your socks.

Let your stompers breathe. Wearing breathable fabrics, like cotton, silk or wool, allows more air to get to your skin, keeping the sweat from building up. Get air to your feet as often as you can. Make crocs your go-to foot if your office dress code allows.

5. Fresh clothes.

A no-brainer really. Clothes pick up dirt. Dirt means bacteria and bacteria means smells. So, give yourself something clean to put on each day. There’s nothing better than fresh clean clothes to having smelling and looking good.

Feeling inspired to smell better? Add our Deodorant and Shower Foam to your bathroom routine. Or a t-shirt and boxers to have you looking and smelling fresh.

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