Would you let your partner shave your…?

Valentine’s day is coming. And while normally you might be getting ready for a night on the town this year is obviously an exception. But luckily as Valentine’s day is, normally, only celebrated by two people there are plenty of things you can do without flaunting pandemic rules. Which got us thinking: what’s something different you can do this Valentine’s day?

And then we came across this…

“She rested her hand gently on the top of his thigh, and, slowly, delicately ran it across his lower abdomen leaving behind a generous layer of foam. His eyes widened at her touch, and as she started to massage the foam into his hair and skin. Goosebumps raced up his spine as he watched on. Her hand questing ever lower as all of his being arched in anticipation….

…she held up the razor. The light glimmering on the blade matching the twinkle in her eye, as she moved in closer and whispered in his ear, “ Do you trust me?”

From the book The Joy of Sexual Shaving… or it would have come from there if that book existed, but it doesn’t so it didn’t. But even if that book doesn’t exist it doesn’t mean that many people don’t find some, ahem, pleasure in shaving with their partner. 

Is it really a thing?

The short answer: Yes. 

While probably not on most people’s kinky shortlist, it’s definitely a spicy activity that tickles the fancy of some. And despite the slight tongue-in-cheek opening paragraph shaving erotica does exist. The shaving DVD Dare to bare – erotic shaving and sexual pleasures was described as “Very erotic, arousing, informative and educational.” Or there’s this, frankly, smoldering article by one woman on the pleasure she gets from her husband taking care of her. 

Reddit and Quora are also littered with people asking about shaving their partner, with some very saucy answers to boot. So while it might not have been something you’ve considered before, it’s definitely on some people’s radar. 

But why?

Danger is sexy. People love bad boys and girls, bungee jumping, skydiving, even having sex in risque places. And what could be more adrenaline-inducing than someone holding a blade next to your pride and joy? 

And when it’s your partner doing it, you better hope your relationship is in a good place. You don’t want him or her remembering a fight you recently had when someone is running a blade across the most uneven skin known to man. 

Sex is also a lot about the two T’s: thrust and trust. And while the former is something you should avoid in this scenario, let the other person do all the work. The latter is something you’ll need in spades. Sex is at it’s best when trust is high, and you can really let go. Although honestly, this is likely to test your trust in ways not normally experienced in most relationships.

Safety first

It’s not surprising that a lot of people’s concerns about doing this will be around getting cut. According to one study of over 7,500 people, 25% of people who groom have injured themselves shaving. So it probably won’t be surprising if your partner is a bit apprehensive. Especially if you’re not a regular shaver yourself. With one Reddit user quipping: “He did a pretty shitty job of his face back when he used to shave, so there is no fucking way I’d let him near my genitals with a razor.”

It even gives pornstar Mick Blue, lover of all things high octane, pause for thought. “Sometimes my wife wants to shave me, and I find that scary. It requires a lot of trust to let someone hold a blade near your balls. Or if she asks me to shave her, I find that really scary because I don’t want to cut her. ”

So a flexible razor, a healthy dose of foaming shave gel, patience, and a sense of humour are going to be key. 

Taking care

There’s also the allure of taking care of and being taken care of by your partner. Taking care is sexy after all. There’s something attractive about men and women who take care of themselves. And there’s also something very attractive and human about being taken care of by another person. It requires a level of trust and surrender which can provide beautiful moments of shared intimacy. 

If you’ve ever given your partner a massage or bathe them you’ll know what I’m talking about. For a man to allow someone to shave this face is already a moment of real intimacy so combining bathing and shaving would really intensify the experience. 


While not a typical precursor to getting busy, shaving and bathing each other can be the perfect kick-off to a night, or afternoon, or morning, of passionate times. In researching this topic that seemed to be the natural follow on for most people. I suppose as long as you’re both having fun it’s hard for that not to happen. 

The key with this is obviously to treat it as foreplay. Avoid being too workman-like about it. Make it fun, light and sexy. Don’t make the mistake I once made while giving someone an erotic massage of forgetting what I was doing and treating it like a sports massage. She came away from the experience feeling like she’d gone through something intense, but for all the wrong reasons. Keep it sexy and you’ll be onto a winner. 

It’s not for everybody

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but it won’t be for everybody. It’s definitely outside of the realm of “normal” kinky times and will be well outside a lot of people’s comfort zone, for reasons ranging from fear of that level of intimacy to the worry about being hurt, to not even shaving their own pubic hair. (Although it could be as intimate to shave another part of your partner and vice versa.) This woman even wrote an 11 point article about her experience of not enjoying it. But she did conclude the article by saying she didn’t regret doing it, and that some of the more practical choices like doing it in the bath instead of the shower probably would have improved the experience. 

That’s all she shaved

So there you have it, a pretty novel way you can spice up this stay at home Valentine’s day. Word to the wise; if you are planning on trying this out broach the subject with your partner first. It’s probably not going to go down as well on the day if you emerge from the bathroom dressed in a hip-high, silk bathrobe with shaving foam in one hand, roses in the other and a razor gripped between your teeth. Lay a bit of groundwork first.

And as with most things in life, shaving and sex: do it or not – it’s up to you. 

Want to give him or her the information they need to get the job done? Check out our article on How to shave your balls for some pointers. And use our very flexible razor and foaming shave gel to keep things safe and smooth.

Let us know what you think.