So you're going bald. Now what?

Going bald.

Hair today, gone tomorrow… lame as that sounds, that’s not the process for most men. Male pattern baldness isn’t an all at once thing. It can take years, and in much the same way a frog would jump out of a pan of boiling water, but die if a pan of cold water is heated up over time. You could be oblivious to the gradual loss of hair until your

What She Said about bald heads

Women talk. Baldness.

Balding… it’s something a lot of men deal with. And something, which might make you feel helpless, as your hair follicles disappear off to the great barber’s floor in the sky. If that’s you, you’re not alone. According to one study, it affects 16% of men aged 18-29 with that percentage increasing with age. In total 42% of all men will experience significant baldness. And for many men losing their

Taking care of your balding head

Taking care of your… balding head

A balding head is a long, slow process. Your follicles slowly blinking out like light bulbs in student play about the folly of hope. Until you’re left with a few remaining strands huddled together for whatever solace they can offer each other… But we’re not here to give you the balding man’s version of the Vagina Monologues. We think balding is great because you can shave it all off. And

How to shave your head...from balding to bald

How to shave your head… from balding to baldy

Head shaving is not like mowing the lawn. You can’t just breeze over it with a razor and hope for the best. Taking your eye off the ball for a moment could mean the difference between looking bad-ass or like a badly-shaved ass. It needs care and patience like a bonsai tree. Think Buddha, brother. Shaving your head is a big move, but well worth it when it’s done right. 

Testosterone. It drives me nuts.

It drives me nuts.

While our female colleagues, in the great employer of life, have estrogen sloshing around inside their carnal husks, we –the males of the species– have been blessed with testosterone. You know the thing people inject to get “swole” and the chemical is scientifically proven to be responsible for the phrase “Hold my beer, I wanna try something.” It’s the thing that turns a boy into a man (physically speaking) and

Shaving for Work Zowie

Shaving for work… when you’re shaman Zowie Jannink

Shaving for work when you’re… shaman Zowie Jannink. What is it about bald chins that people find so compelling? Is the shape? The colour? The texture? Or something else? And while we’re not going to try to answer that in this article  –we’ll probably swing back around to it in the future– there’s something about a bald chin that says something to the world.  Doctors, soldiers, firemen, priests, for much

What She Said...about body grooming

What she said… about body grooming

Body grooming, or what’s sometimes unflatteringly called manscaping. If you ask the Merriam-Webster Dictionary they’ll tell you it’s: “the trimming or shaving of a man’s body hair so as to enhance his appearance.”. Essentially it’s the art of treating your hirsute hills with the same care that a golf course groundskeeper does his greens.  But with more than half of Dutch men shaving more than just their face. And more


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Journaling: The art of getting out what’s in your head.

A quick, non-judgy guide to jotting down your thoughts so you can see them. ‘Dear diary… Did you know that talking to you has several health benefits and isn’t just a hiding place for the world domination plans of historical figures or the crushes of teenage girls?’ Your diary hasn’t got any clue what you’re talking about. Nevertheless, keeping a diary or journaling as it’s more commonly known can be

Shaving for work - Stan

Shaving for work… when you’re swimmer Stan Pijnenburg

The morning shave before you trudge off to the office is a thing of the past. Beards are in. And most places have relaxed clean shave policies. There’s a few hold outs, but it’d probably only a matter of time. This got us thinking: “What jobs do you actually need to shave for?” There’s the obvious ones like healthcare, thanks folks, or the military but we wanted to go out